Student Individual Exhibit Image Archive


Student Individual Exhibit Image Archive


This is the collection for the images used by students for their individual exhibits.

Collection Items

The Women of the Iwakura Mission
These women went to the United States in 1871 with Iwakura mission. From left to right: Nagai Shigeko, Ueda Teiko, Yoshimasu Ryoko, Tsuda Umeko, Yamakawa Sutematsu. They are dressed in Western style.

Men of the Iwakura Mission
The five most famous men of the Iwakura Mission (1871-73). From left to right: Okubo Toshimichi, Ito Hirobumi, Iwakura Tomomi (in traditional Japanese garb), Yamaguchi Naoyoshi, Kido Takayoshi. Picture taken in Great Britain.

Japanese Scales
Two of the original tunings of the koto, then the imported scale.

Japanese Koto
Stock photo of the Japanese Koto, a 13-stringed plucked zither.

Inariyama Ko-Kaji – The Swordsmith on Mount Inari
A collection of images illustrating the role of swordsmiths in Japanese society before and during the Meiji Restoration
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