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Nishiki-e (multicolored woodblock print)
Part of a series depicting the events of Chūshingura.
Japanese Title: 忠臣蔵: 夜打三 本望 (Chūshingura youchi san: honmō)

Nishiki-e (Multi-colored woodblock Print)
From the series "A New Collection of Eastern Colour Prints" 
(新撰東錦絵: Shinsen azuma nishiki-e) 
Japanese title: 佐倉宗吾之話 (Sakura Sōgo no hanashi)


Black and white kawaraban (broadsheet) image of Perry.
The title reads: "A true likeness of the commanding officer from the Republic of North America"
北亜墨利加洪和政治洲上官真像之写 (kita amerika kyowa seiji shū jōkan shinzō no utsushi)

Lithograph depicting U.S. ships anchored in Edo Bay in 1846 and surrounded by small Japanese boats.
The text at the bottom reads:
"On the 20th of July 1846, the U.S. Ships Columbus & Vincennes entered the Bay of Jeddo or (as the Japanese call it)…

Hand tinted photograph from Brinkley's ten-volume collection, Japan, Described and Illustrated by the Japanese, with an essay on Japanese art by Kakuzo Okakura (Tokyo and Boston: Millet: 1897-98)

Map of Edo, after a map by Takai Ranzan from the Tenpo era
(御江戸大絵図 [o-Edo ō-ezu] Large Map of great Edo)
Detail, centered on Edo Castle and the surrounding areas, including Edo Bay.

Image of Ryōgoku Bridge, Edo, from Famous Places in Edo (江戸名所図絵 Edo Meisho Zue) volume 7. Woodblock print.

From the collection "Account, including images of various objects, of the foreign ships which arrived in Ōtsu harbor in the summer of Bunsei 7"
(文政七甲申夏異国伝馬船大津浜へ上陸并諸器図等 Bunsei shichi kōshin natsu ikoku tenmasen Ōtsuhama e jōriku narabi ni shokizu…

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