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These women went to the United States in 1871 with Iwakura mission. From left to right: Nagai Shigeko, Ueda Teiko, Yoshimasu Ryoko, Tsuda Umeko, Yamakawa Sutematsu. They are dressed in Western style.

The five most famous men of the Iwakura Mission (1871-73). From left to right: Okubo Toshimichi, Ito Hirobumi, Iwakura Tomomi (in traditional Japanese garb), Yamaguchi Naoyoshi, Kido Takayoshi. Picture taken in Great Britain.

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Two of the original tunings of the koto, then the imported scale.

Stock photo of the Japanese Koto, a 13-stringed plucked zither.

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A collection of images illustrating the role of swordsmiths in Japanese society before and during the Meiji Restoration

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Schwartz, Henry B. In Togo's country Loo Choo--Pigs going to market.png

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"Madame Chrysanthème".
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